FastNet internet service is fiber-sourced directly to the area and distributed through wireless technology to residential, business, and RV camping in the surrounding BLM Camping Areas.

150 Mbps $99/mo

Service only available in the Quartzsite, AZ, Quarzsite BLM Camping, and Brenda, AZ areas.
One time fees at time of purchase:
Equipment Charges:                   $259.00

includes wireless antenna and Gigabit router

Quartzsite or Quartzsite BLM Installation Fee:              $99  

Brenda, AZ Installation Fee:                                                 $119

(poles and other installation equipment may be needed, is not included)

Roku Streaming Device (optional):                                   $59.99
Internet Service is a prepaid month-to-month service with unlimited data and no contracts.
To cancel, suspend, or restore service, please contact us at [email protected] or call 928-660-6200 option 2.

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